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Screenshots our new app, which is available on this website . This APP will work on any Android device 4.0 and up, on tablets, cell phones and on Android TV boxes . The APP will install KODI on your device and will install over 50 add-ons and 1500 IPTV CH, all tested and working, plus, you get the option to pick over 13 different international languages. All add-ons are verified, so you don't have to spend any time looking or configuring the add-ons and when you login, IPTV KEWLTV  KODI updater will also inform you of any new update's that you can download  with a click of a button using our APP IS FREE TO TRY FOR 1 DAY IF YOU LIKE THE SERVICE YOU CAN SUBSCRIBE TO IT, and you can cancel anytime, so now everyone can enjoy FREE TV ON DEMAND !    
Why use IPTV KEWLTV APP because it the easiest way to enjoy one of the world best media center ever made. Most people don't have the time to spend hours learning and looking for the latest and best add-ons and iptv channel on the web that change ever day or so we do it for you. Now that being said lets just get some facts straight Kodi is free and so are all the add-ons and IPTV CH the subscription is for a service and not for the software or add-ons that do not belong to us.    
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