Important information on how to get the most out you our kewltv app and kodi media center please read !

This is the step you so take before starting up kodi and when doing updates on kewltv app in order below:

1.) This app you need if you don't have it please go get it called Advance Task Killer it free before you open up kewltv updater or kodi please click on Advance task killer and then click on KILL SELECTED APPS note they should be all selected once you have done that all the background apps that are running on you Android device should have stopped if you don't know were to get this app the link is here:

2.) Now you can click on our kewltv updater and check if there is an update available to download please note you don't have to do the update if your kodi media center is running fine and there is no problem with, it up to you if you want to do the update if one is available we suggest you only do and update once a week and do it after you are finished watch or do it when you are not using the device update take about 20 mins depending on your internet speed.

3.) It is better once you update is done to not use the bottom on our kewltv updater app to go to Kodi the one that says CLICK TO WATCH KEWLTV this will may cause the kodi app to close on you by it self when you are watching the reason for this is again you want no other app running in the back ground so better to click on the EXIT button on kewltv updater and find the KODI APP icon and start it from there . You can also just go to kodi app and do not need to open our updater all the time to watch TV.

4.) Now you have click on the the Kodi app and the app is on please wait for the PVR MANAGER IS STARTING UP to finish loading the IPTV Channel be for click on LIVE TV this may cause the PVR manager to become disabled to fix this you can go check our video on the fix kodi page button on top .

5.) Also once the PVR as finished loading you many see in the middle of the top part of the KODI app that there are update being download and installing please wait for them to finish before click on any thing because if you don't the install my fail and kodi may crash. The best practice if you have a Android TV box is to leave it on and on the kodi app so it will be ready to use once you run on your TV

6.) If kodi app freezes for any reason this happen a lot in live TV section DO NOT UNPLUG THE BOX BAD IDEA !!! please find the home button on your android device and click on it this should bring you back to the main page on you android device then click on Advance Task killer and make sure that the Kodi app has been stopped you may have to click more than once to stop the kodi app don't forget is frozen for a reason once the Kodi app has been treminated you can just go back to the kodi app and start it up again and continue using
it .
We have noticed that in the new version of kodi may client are losing there live TV section the biggest reason for this is because you are clicking on the LIVE TV button before it has finished loading the CHANNEL LIST you have to wait until it loads before clicking on it . And also happen when some of the add-ons are updating. So below is a video on how to reenable you pvr add-ons
Note we have notice that in the last helix 14.1 and 14.2 version that when we click on the fast ward or the video time line to move to a different time line in the video that kodi is sometimes crashing this can be fix by not using the ( hardware accelerated ) in the KODI  you can get there by going to SETTING > VIDEO > ACCELERATION > once there you will see allow hardware acceleration ( libstagefright ) and blow ( MEDIACODEC ) you can turn off one or the other and see if this stops kodi for crashing when you try to fast ward or change time line on the video you are watching note that by turning them off will maybe make 1080p video miss frames and flicker and not look so good on the kodi.

So please keep in mind that by changing these setting that you may lose video quality in 1080p and that every time you do an update on kewltv any setting you have changed will revert back to our original setting we are using.